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  • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18, 2012
  • La Sakura!
  • One moment in bloom and next scattered to the winds, the cherry blossoms have come and gone in true sakura style. Such is the transient nature of Japan’s national flower, sakura, which parallels life through its fragility + impermanence. Sakura truly are ever so short-lived and it only takes a touch of rain or wind for the flowers to lose their petals. The cherry blossom front arrived in the Tokyo area last weekend and was at its peak for a total of 4 days. Parks were brimming with picnicers and party-goers and I was lucky enough to have 2 full days to photograph to my hearts content. The wind and rain set in soon after and the flowers are no more but the experience remains and has set the tone for spring beautifully. Contrasting with the western love of boldness, strength and resilience, sakuraexude the essence of Japanese culture - a modern yet still traditional culture that reveres life in its fragility, simplicity and impermanence.
  • locations: Shizuoka Prefecture, Saitama Prefecture
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